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Place of Origin: Tokoname, Japan


Manufactural : Tokoname Yaki Ware

Origin: Japan

Material: clay

Capacity: 240 CC (full capacity without tea leaves)

Unit price: ¥4,820 / piece

Item code: KTJ01


NOTED: Please note this is a limited product, it can be out of stock at any time. 

Teapot (Japanese Kyusu)


    Raise the teapot with hot water and let it dry before using. 

    Don't use the teapot with high temperature machinery, such as Microwave oven, stoves, dishwasher or dryer.!

    Teapot can be washed with Dishwashing detergent. 

    Do not wash the teapot with bleach. 

    Do not store teapot while still wet, Store teapot when it is completely dry is highly recommended, storing teapot while still wet creates a bad smell and mold inside the teapot. 


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